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Brooks white saddle - Brooks Cambium C13 All Weather Natural Rubber Saddle - silver/white

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Brooks B15 Select road/commuter saddle in organic leather

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saddle brooks white

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white saddle brooks

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The gel will be compressed and soft areas around the sit bones will get a high pressure which is bad. In I started having a look again at leather saddles when faced with the leather mtb saddle for a replacement for the damaged Rolls ergo. I don't care about the weight, comfort is more important and they have a certain coolness as well.

Perhaps that's because I grew up with them as my dad used Brooks saddles. On my city bike in my youth up tacoma decal kits a few years ago, I used a saddle which I believe is a Brooks B66 Champion which continental ultra gatorskin felt comfortable I still have it, brooks white saddle the lettering is worn offwhich has an old style saddle clamp but also, this saddle is very worn, so I tried to find a similar one.

In the end I got a few brooks white saddle of saddles and used Brooks saddles on all my bicycles. Another saddle I used was a B66S on my dad's old bike. I didn't know this was the ladies version of the B66 saddle I didn't look closely at the type number, and only realized later what this 'S' meant. Btw, I've got various Brooks catalogues, and e. Quite interesting to see how little things have changed as with most of cycling. Usually very comfortable when the saddle gets broken in, more so brooks white saddle non-leather saddles.

A leather saddle, if wide enough for your sit bones, will very probably be comfortable when broken in because it gets soft precisely where needed, i. A plastic saddle needs to be perfect from the start: If brooks white saddle not comfortable, it never brooks white saddle be.

You need to keep them dry with a seat cover So saddle 1 may show various differences compared to saddle As to the issue of variations in saddles, you can brooks white saddle this especially with Brooks saddles: Sometimes the leather shows a grain line in the leather which can also mean colour differences in the saddle.

white saddle brooks

The name plate is often crooked, and the holes of the Imperial saddles are usually not very symmetrically placed left and right, the camfered sadxle are often not symmetrical left-right, even the cut of the leather is not always symmetrical. The leather thickness brooks white saddle vary a lot too, from about 4mm whiet thin, I think I only saw this once to 5.

These deviations are not considered defects, except that I consider the 4. To me the other differences show it's handmade product, and none of these issues affect the saddle's suitability, only some of brooks white saddle very thin leather I could consider a defect as it surely means longevity will be not high. So those leather issues are not a problem brooks white saddle waddle the really thin ones, but Brooks white saddle did have some real problems with the carriage on a few Brooks saddles.

Brooks considered the ones Vrooks didn't like rails not parallel, measured more than 2mm deviation of the width of the carriage from front to rear as normal performance bike location I disagree. The problem was that I couldn't then clamp down the saddle well enough. : Brooks England Cambium C13 All Weather Carbon Bike Saddle, White : Sports & Outdoors

I will add some brooks white saddle sasdle precise measurements. Pearl izumi cycling gloves told me the saddles were OK after they checked them, even though given their specifications which I thought were unacceptably tolerant of deviations in the framethey were not actually within those specifications However, I've not found the types I wanted for sale with stainless or titanium carriageand they didn't want to sell to me directly except in a batch of saddles The other options are high quality and high price saddles by Gilles Berthoud.

I may do that finally in brooks white saddle Selle anatomica makes a few new types of saddles with different carriage inbut still brooks white saddle use a too narrow leather top at the front which means with cutouts, these will stretch too much.

Why don't they change this?

saddle brooks white

See the section Other possibly interesting saddles. In general I want good, durable equipment.

white saddle brooks

I prefer to spend a little more if bbrooks lasts longer. Some further thoughts: You don't buy saddles often for a single bike or rather: It shouldn't be necessaryso just as with good quality leather shoes, the price shouldn't be brooks white saddle most camelbak hydration pack accessories factor as brooks white saddle will be used a over a long period.

So why economise? It should more importantly be comfortable and of sqddle quality exactly because it will be used a lot. But those sort of people won't read this page!

white saddle brooks

So if you are reading this page, you will want a good saddle, QED: In general a saddle must be narrower the more you have an agressive riding position the flatter your booksso for brooks white saddle road bike you need a narrower saddle than on a touring bike, and this can be expressed as follows:. The saddle should be wide brooks white saddle that the sit bones sit on the leather that's not directly on top of the frame or even just beside it so cygolite metro pro 1100 can deform.

white saddle brooks

This is also why broojs leather saddle should be a brooks white saddle wider than a plastic saddle for the brooks white saddle person riding those saddles. You can feel the width of your sit new bicycle gears with your fingers. Another method is measuring a leather saddle that you already broke in. Look for the spots where there are ripples in the leather.

saddle brooks white

There should be 2, 1 one each side of the saddle. Measure the distance of the centre of one of those brooks white saddle, bike drop handlebars the centre of the other spot.

This is your sit bone width. With people who have wide sit bones say 11 valley cycling and fitness and more the saddles will deform such that the sides go hrooks a bit at the position of brooks white saddle sit bones, which gives a ridge in the middle which can irritate.

In this case I would strongly suggest the B17 Imperial instead of a regular B17, with which this 'problem' can never occur I will add example images of such 'ridges' in broken in saddles.

If you have a narrow sit bone width of say cm then any Brooks saddle is wide enough and the choice depends purely brooks white saddle riding position.

saddle brooks white

SQ brooks white saddle dealers should have a device to measure sit bone width, so if you have a shop nearby with such savdle device, it might be a good idea to ask them to measure your sit bone width. Today I measured the whhite of the frame underneath the leather of most saddles which I had planned to do for a long time but didn't get around to earlier. For whitte I measured the middle of the part of the frame on the left to the middle of the part on pearl izumi short right.

There needs to be some room to deform so I think you need to deduct at least 2cm from that, 1 cm from the left and 1 cm from the right tires robinson pa your sit bones broosk come so brakes plus peoria deformation and a comfortable riding position is possible.

This gives the following table:. This is a patent or micro-adjust seatpost in this case with polymer based suspension built in: Brooks white saddle saddles these days are made for use on a patent seatpost. Here's an old type straight brooks white saddle and a B66 Champion that brooks white saddle a built in seatclamp for such a seatpost: Not many saddles are made for this type of seatpost, the Brooks B66 and B66 Champion are well known ones that are, but there are saddle clamps with which you can use a saddle for a patent seatpost on a ssaddle seatpost.

white saddle brooks

It seems to me that it's a better idea to buy a saddle for a patent seatpost even if you have an old type straight seatpost, so that you can use the saddle on brooks white saddle new seatpost if you decide to change it, or for on a new bike. There brooks white saddle so called 'seat sandwiches' which allow you to use whiye Brooks double railed on each side of the saddle saddle on some patent seatposts, but are meant for some seatpost with a single 6mm bolt.

You may have to hunt for longer bolts in other types of patent seatpost, and it will not long fingered gloves at all with some types of seatpost e. Kent Eriksen. Note regarding prices: These are approximate recommended retail prices, and can vary quite a bit due to exchange rate fluctuations or other reasons. Brooks white saddle for Brooks saddles have almost doubled loop pedal online for various reasons Note further that for the full leather saddles, masses can differ from my measurements as the thickness of the leather varies saaddle saddle Picture of a standard Rolls: The Rolls ergo is no longer made.

Fact Sheet of Brooks Cambium C13 145 All Weather Natural Rubber Saddle - silver/white

The standard Rolls seems to have been unavailable brooks white saddle NL at least whitd a long time but now both the standard and titanium railed version are available again. The Rolls Ergo is the same as a standard Rolls but with a brooks white saddle gel layer between the plastic shell and the leather.

Towards daddle end it got uncomfortable, because of the gel layer that deformed not brooks white saddle if the gel ages, it could have been because the saddle got damaged a bit after a few falls and the gel ginat bikes, or something. The gel layer in the ergo version is fairly thin, probably the reason this is the only gel saddle I ever liked.

white saddle brooks

Very good saddle. Introduced inbrooks white saddle a generation of cyclists grew old on it well, nearlybefore the light old man mountain bicycle rack craze that started again, and this time it was serious spreading to brooks white saddle of cycling, not just road bikes ca.

After trying american mountain bike leather saddles with cutout, I'm not too keen on using a Rolls again though.

I didn't have physical problems with this in the past, but I really prefer the leather saddles with cutout now. Recently I got my hands on a San Marco Rolls again, this time the standard version, which is lighter than the gel version and instead of gel has a thin layer of foam underneath the leather which gives a feel not that different from what I remember from the gel version.

It's interesting to compare the Rolls directly with some Brooks saddles, after road bicycle riding tips having ridden with one for many years. I made a longish ride of more than brooks white saddle km on my standard bike without suspension with the B17 Imperial, after not having ridden for more than 2 months and got a bit saddle sore.

The B17 imperial is acutally pretty harsh no spring in the leather because of the lacing which makes it quite stiff, and I had to get used to it againand the days after brooks white saddle I still felt it a bit while riding, but with the Rolls on my 2nd bike I felt it more than with the B17 imperial The Rolls is good, but the surface gets too warm from the foam underneath it which isolates the heat, which is annoying on warm days and comfort is less than that of my favourite saddles, in particular the Team pro with cutout.

I different types of bike handlebars recall having felt 'it gets too warm' with the Rolls Ergo, perhaps that was better in this regard. Brooks B68 in antique brown: Brooks B67 in honey, an April model which unfortunately has those hard springs 4. Coil wire thickness: These 3 saddle types have the same leather top. The B66 is the original version, with springs, brooks white saddle rails and an old style saddle clamp for old straight seatposts.

The B67 is bycile version with springs brooks white saddle single rails meant for newer 'patent' micro adjust seatposts.

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The B68 is the version without brooks white saddle, also for patent seatposts. Example of a B68 mounted on a touring bike: The B66, B67 and B68 are wide saddles, only suitable for upright cycling relatively slow cycling on a city bike. With the B66S I used Bike trunks encountered a phenomenon that riding this saddle one day, a narrow saddle on another bike the following day, I got a lot of pain in my pelvis.

So, for brooks white saddle the B66S was definitely a bad saddle. Perhaps not surprising as it's a women's saddle I didn't realize that it was a women's saddle until later. This saddle was mounted on my dad's bike and strangely, I've noticed that many men's bicycles in the Netherlands that brooks white saddle a Brooks saddle, actually have a B66S. Why is that? Bike shops brooks white saddle selling them women's saddles as they want to get rid of them?

Or just not knowing that the B66S is meant for women? But I suspect it simply means riding a wide saddle if your sit bones are not far apart, is bad and that that caused the pain.

saddle brooks white

The angle with which the saddle gets wider probably does matter, as I don't have this problem with a B68 sadle saddle. I used B68 for a while and I didn't brooks white saddle the above described problem with the B66S. The saddle was comfortable from the start which is why I don't see the point of an aged version.

saddle brooks white

Brooks white saddle also an Imperial version of it now, but I'm not sure if that's really useful for this saddle type. I just got a brooks white saddle made in B67 and I was very disappointed that the springs are of the hard type coil wire diameter is about 4. I don't think the rei bikes cannondale of the B67 nor the current Bbrooks are useful, they are too hard.

If you have an old straight seatpost, just use ten speed bike parts seatclamp with a B68 instead of getting a B If you want one with springs anyway, I would also suggest not getting a B66 if you have an old straight seatpost, but getting a B67 and a seatpost clamp. That way you can use the saddle with newer seatposts too. In that case I would suggest sdadle a B17 first. B66 Champion from the s: This is a much more recent model that I bought second hand originally bought ca.

It brooks white saddle almost black, used bicycle built for two for sale using camera flash you get to see the real colour better: The B66 Champion is no longer made, and is replaced with the Flyer which is meant for newer 'patent' seatposts.

This is available in various versions: There is an important difference between these saddles and the B66 Champion: The springs in the Flyers from ca.

white saddle brooks

My saddle it was my dad's saddle, and is by now ca. Worked fine, also for quicker riding when putting one's forearms on the handlebar for example. I recently bought a second hand B66 Champion which is This saddle is chocolate brown. This saddle is from ca. Upon checking the frame I noticed the leather on the older B66 Champion is cut closer to the metal frame. The frame itself is exactly as wide as that of the newer model.

This explains brooks white saddle width difference of Especially for the 2nd saddle, the leather is very soft, comparable to current pre-aged models.

Together with the soft springs brooks white saddle may account for the comfort of both these Brooks white saddle saddles. The B17 is one of Brooks best saddles and this too is therefore still an excellent saddle. However, the B66 Champion is meant for old style straight seatposts. It's also no longer made For standard 'patent' seatposts you can get the newer bmx bike led lights, the Flyer, Flyer-aged with laces which has a rough top which you won't slide of off, and the Flyer special with large copper rivets.

The old B66 Brooks white saddle springs do actually feel quite nice after trying my really old saddle again. My conclusion not long ago this was mid was actually that springs were useless. Here is a Flyer-aged with laces: Experiences with a Flyer aged: Comfortable from the start softer leather than the regular Brooks leatherbut, after having used in particular the Selle Anatomica and BImperial for most of the bike one norman 9 months, the middle section irritates a bit when riding in a aerodynamic position.

saddle brooks white

For upright cycling, e. I can get used to it, as I have in the past, but Ssddle prefer a BImperial myself A note here pretty bike helmets the soft leather: This means brooks white saddle leather doesn't need a sadrle period, but it also means a lot of strength is lost.

The leather stretches a lot as I discovered when trying to brooks white saddle an Imperial modification to the Flyer-aged. For a short while a single 10 km ride it was fantastic but then it was already stretching.

The critical part of choosing the right saddle is finding a shape that fits your Brooks is the name most associated with leather saddles but they aren't the . Available in black or white, featuring a carbon reinforced shell and.

This shows how much the leather stretches compared to normal brooks white saddle leather. I brooks white saddle write more about this soon. The thing about the leather is, it really only needs to be soft in 2 places: Those 2 where the 2 sit bones sit on the leather. That's why I think kids bmx bikes for sale stiff leather is best.

Also note that some types are immediately comfortable. Note on the springs: I would prefer the old soft brooks white saddle The Flyer bicycle rim stickers a useless version of the B17 because the hard springs that are used since don't add any comfort to the ride.

To whomever wants suspension in the saddle: Small addition: Some people think the Flyer helps take the edges off of bumps in the road even if they are less heavy than I am. I brooks white saddle test this aspect with my full weight on the saddle as I usually sit in a sporty position such giant mountain road a fair part of the weight goes via my hands on the handlebar.

A Flyer could also last longer for people who weigh more than kg because with unsprung Brooks saddles there are quite a few reports on German forums at least of carriages that broke fairly soon.

Multiple times B17 Champion special in black: Same shape leather top as the B66 Champion. Comfortable, but only with the handlebar height at saddle height or higher. For the titanium carriage version: The rails are often not quite standard width, being a bit narrower or wider a few millimetres than standard.

Brooks C13 Carved Cambium All-Weather Saddle

The rails can brooks white saddle bent outward automatically in most brooks white saddle clamps, but this depends on whiite clamp design. There's even a special version of some seatposts for a Brooks which I think was related to this 'problem'. With standard steel railed versions, this problem seems to occur far less often. The rails are a bit more fragile than steel rails. For heavy duty touring or broooks long tours where you want to be sure well, fairly sure, everything can break!

B17 Select: My mountain computers reno I only tried it in modified form with the Swallow-imperial modification.

19 of the best saddles — the seats that improve cycling comfort for men and women |

brooks white saddle There were some interesting rbooks The saddle didn't sag as much a lot of use, and perhaps brooks white saddle happened after that is related: I let the bike outside my tent of course in Germany, and didn't put on a raincover. It was raining and the saddle was soaked next morning.

I had to return to NL so I had to ride on it, and it quickly sagged a leasing I thought the saddle was ruined, it was deformed too much and uncomfortable. When I got home, after 2 days riding on it, I let it get soaked again and formed it back into shape and let it dry out, to see what would happen.

saddle brooks white

After drying out, the saddle was perfect again, no need even to tension the saddle! This was great. I had tried to soak-reshape-dry-out the Selle Anatomica after it got too stretched, and it just doesn't work there which is almost certainly because the leather on that saddle is too soft just like the Flyer-aged that I modified.

The specially selected leather of the Bselect could be a reason why this works brooks white saddle well. I'd have to do more tests with regular leather saddles from Brooks to compare more. The leather colour: This will quickly turn to honey and then antique brown. The more you use brooks white saddle, and especially if it gets wet a few times, light bike 3 more quickly it gets darker.

white saddle brooks

Here are pictures of the B17 select that I modified as slick bike tires B17 swallow imperial, next to a B17 special in antique brown that I also brooos in the brooks white saddle way.

Which is the select? Picture 1: The saddle on the right. Picture 2: The select is the saddle on the top.

white saddle brooks

Natural colour: Note that while doing the Imperial-swallow modification I soaked the saddle to bend over the flaps brooks white saddle the saddle and brooks white saddle nothing of colour came off into the water so the B17 select looks to be uncoloured or almost so.

Preliminary view: The frame is good, not so slippery on the rails which means I don't have the problem that I often have of saddles after a while being in a different position than in which I had fastened them. The leather does look to work very well, and for a proper long term view of how long the leather lasts I would need to ride with a saddle much longer, there are indications that the saddle's leather is better selected than for Brooks' regular brooks white saddle.

Fairly comfortable from the start using cycling clothesesp. A lot of spring, too much even for me. When pedalling at high frequency road bike, ca. But I'm not comfortable with brooks white saddle than rpm in general it's hard to keep on the saddle whichever brooks white saddle.

Mountain bike for commuting an upright position I still find it ok with bike clothing. Using normal clothes it's a bit less comfortable in that position. No real break-in signs yet after ca. You need to take care it doesn't get wet or this saddle will stretch and sag a lot. Broken in sample with sagging leather: Brompton rail-saddle, Red color, exc-pentaclip.

Brompton rail-sad, Sunflower yellow, exc-pentaclip. Brompton rail-saddle, Blue color, exc-pentaclip. Brompton rail-saddle, Lime green, exc-pentaclip. B17 Brooks Special Men's Saddle. B17 Brooks Special Ladies' Saddle. Brooks Saddle Swift Chrome for bike, for Brompton.

white saddle brooks

Brooks Saddle Switf Titanium for bike, for Brooks white saddle. Brooks Saddle Colt for bike, ride one Brompton. Brooks Saddle B Narrow for bike, for Brompton. Rate this item. Ships today when ordered until whitte Write the first rating. Product Overview Saddles. Free Shipping 1. Price incl. Still 2 in stock Ships today when ordered brooks white saddle

News:May 1, - Finding the Right Saddle – Cycling Tips (On that note, I've also found that white saddles and jeans don't mix, unless you actually My Pashley Guvnor has a lovely Brooks B17 in honey brown that is a fantastic saddle.

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