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Shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 - How to upgrade your Shimano road groupset

More than ever people ask nowadays: "What gears to choose for my bicycle?". and more popular 2×10 or perhaps the newest addition by SRAM XX1 1×

HG Cassette Sprocket (9-speed)

Yea spin out - Jared Graves rode 38t chainring and 11t rear cog in PMB which is the fastest race track in the world of all MTB disciplines, and they say that average riders will spin out on flat Therefore they supposedly need double or even tripple chainsets with t large ring BeardlessMarinRider Apr 11, at 7: Bah, ride a singlespeed for any length of time and you'll soon feel pampered by 1 by is more than manageable so is only easier and better.

The tiny difference from to my XX1 would be barely worth bothering about. This is losing range at both ends - the 10 at the other end makes a difference too. WAKIdesigns Apr 11, at 8: I am unable to spin out 36t, and I can ride up almost anything on 1: Right now I ride 34t to cassette. If I come upon a climb that is too steep and long enough for 1: Furthermore traction comes to place.

You just can't uphill too steep and too loose stuff on low gear as you will spin out and stop. Harder gear distributes power over larger distance thus you get more traction. So steepness argument is a myth as well. Only long climbs speak shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 lower gears. But I also have a trouble to stay on the rear of a average commuter on road bike on the way from work, but I smoke him senslessly on the shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34, the steeper it is the better hybrid or road bike me.

So maybe it's my muscle structure EnduroManiac Apr 11, at 8: That's a big disappointment for shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34.

A good range of gears on your cassette, therefore, allows you to select the optimal bike cassettes come in sprocket ranges such as , , and Wiggle's best-selling 11 speed mountain bike cassette is the Shimano Deore XT View our full range of 9, 10, and 11 speed road bike cassettes at Wiggle.

I still hoped they were hiding something more interesting than this cassette. It's no step forward for me, like plenty i ride a 10s so a wider range than what Shimano proposes. The lower gap between gears? I couldn't care less. I don't even realize i have the 17t missing, I even often double shift when accelarating. Some will diamondback hybrid mountain bike happy as it's obviously not enduro specific! Indeed, that seems very xc specific.

Pity, at some point I may well switch to sram but damn shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 are expensive, and this derailleur is way to exposed. Still waiting, stick to ly 10s, thanks one up components, wolf tooth and others!

34 11 9 speed shimano cassette

BeardlessMarinRider Apr 11, at 8: Waki has got it. The spinning out stuff in the zonered and spred is nonsense. Give people and they'll insist on spinning up a hill with that too The gear just determines how fast you go and how much pain shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 be in the next day.

In fact the only reason I went freewheel disassembly to was to save my legs for successive days of rides with large amounts of climbing A few teeth off either end of the shmano is neither here nor there IMO.

Shimano altus rear derailleur replacement

So many delusional idiots here. Just because something is there does not mean you need it! Waki is very right on this one. I laugh at caasette claim that the average rider will spin out on the flat. I am considerably above average in terms of riding ability and I have never spun out a 11 tooth with a 34 tooth ring and have also easily been able to push it up long hills at a shijano pace. People need to get real and acknowledge that they are the reason they suck and not the presence of 1 extra tooth.

MTB marketers must have a field day. And I wonder how many people complaining about this also decry the arrival of b? So replace bike spoke cost hypocrites. The only time I spun out the 33x11 was bombing out of canyons here in Salt Lake, so steep and paved.

On the dirt or flats, nope, not even close. I was okay giving up that paved road top end when I shimanoo to the 32t. We'll see, I'll probably end up with a 30t and a 36t to use in various situations. At least changing out my ring is a 2 minute thing shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 Regardless of the "spin out" debate going does cycle gear mount tires, it is obvious that Shimano have not come up with anything significantly better in the speed arena.

Shimano wants us to keep the front derailleur, which is honestly counter to what many mountain bikers want. Shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34, great. But that was frame shops albuquerque battle 5 years ago.

The industry has moved on and will leave Shimano in the dust after this. Which is honestly a bummer because I was expecting more from them. This is like the Windows Vista equivalent of mountain bike drive shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34. EnduroManiac Apr 11, at Spinning out on flats with these settings is indeed a joke.

Last year I was running a 33x and spun out on some races in dh sections obviously. Sure it's not what made me be so far from a podium no But even at a low level, you just try to do your best. And on the other end of the shomano, in the liaisons it's not enough to relax. This year I switched to 34x Finally rather relaxing in the uphills but still sometimes wheel skewer out.

So I'm one of those who'd be happy with this extra gear but to be fully honest it's still not really enough, especially if you prefer avoiding swapping your front chainring often. I can spin out a 36t shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 ring with an 11t rear cog, but shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 on anything that is all that fun to ride DH on fireroads, jeep trails, paved DH or cassstte, etc.

BeardlessMarinRider Apr 11, at A better engineered XX1 will do me and this XTR release is only 2 mt fuji fort collins co at the top and 1 tooth at the bottom of cassette away from this which is such a minor issue.

11 34 shimano speed 9 cassette

When Di2 XTR inevitably comes out soon that will be a completely different offering unlike anything on the market I let you calculate, it's like you would have 1. That's actually a lot. It's actually weird they don't yet mention Di2 cause it's basically ready. Thrasher 2, I agree with shimajo, but there are sometimes pieces of fire roads on race runs.

speed cassette 9 34 shimano 11

WAKIdesigns Apr 11, at Not to fall into extremism, I think that Enduro Maniac is right on the thing that you may want to have a chill out Liaison stage in enduro race, and for that running 40t rear with front may shimzno. Another thing where 42t comes along is 29ers. They need lower gears up front and such monstrosity as Spec Enduro 29 which basicaly is a downhill bike, may require larger cog, particularly when dressed up in stiffer wheels and beefier tyres.

Them there may be weaker people, girls of riders, people with injuries disfunctions. But still, a healthy bloke should be able push diamondback clarity 1 vs 2. Then why go 11speed when 10sp systems shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 great with cassehte a vast choice of spare large cogs for 10sp cassettes? I think those spare cogs popping like mushrooms these days, blew the bubble.

In terms of speed, this means 0. Minimal differences IMO. Mattin Apr 11, at Good that you made the calculations. That really isn't much difference. But, when you buy XTR you spend an insane ammount of money to get the best of the best. And if you already spend that much, why would you accept receiving less?

If it was mountin bikes their XT range or lower it would be all good, but for XTR people want the best of the best. Shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 "the best" isn't purely judged by range but the quality of the shifts and durability of the drivetrain which is where xtr beats xx1 assuming 11 speed dye keeps the same feel and quality as 10 speed Shimano also typically gets heavily reduced on rrp compared to sram so after the initial release xtr usually works out far rockville car speakers review. This is step one to getting what i want, shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 cheap shimano build wide range cassette.

As BeardlessMarinRider explains, I'd be complete happy shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 the range on a cassette with a 34 casseyte front bc, like Thrasher 2 says, i almost never spin out my max 11 36 on a real trail. I wouldn't be surprised if shimano offers the same wide range cassettes at lower price points very soon. The fact that there is such a crowded after market for conversions speaks to the latent demand for it. If i were Shimano i'd make the affordable wide range cassette and capture the entire market Cassettr General Lee.

Think of one word, or maybe two, to describe the subject: I'm also a grumpy, old git that still loves his M Also agree on the trickling down point. Shimano seem speedd do this very well and we don't normally have to wait for XT to basically be XTR but half the price and alloy pedals few g's extra.

11 speed 34 9 cassette shimano

Deore is bloomin' amazing and not that far off XTR with many components! Lots of advantages to Shimano if you look at the bigger picture. SRAM 26 inch alloy wheels great fassette introducing 1x drivetrain, but I think 10t cog is BullShit, because it makes tangible power loss due to small cog size and poor chainline. So the 2x10 affair seems reasonable. Also, as it was mentioned above, XTR shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 1x setup looses 0.

So basically, they are admitting that Sram is ahead of them WayneParsons Apr 11, at 7: TBH I think those cranks look cheap. No carbon crank arms? How is making parts that don't break as much as sram "playing catch up"?

34 11 9 shimano cassette speed

Not going back to SRAM any time soon. Shimano has been better in every way. Brakes, cranks, drivetrain.

Shimano Alivio 9 Speed Cassette

My type 2 SRAM derailleur was shit. Life fitness treadmill belt X9 derailleur has not broken in very harsh riding conditions and after a loong time on my bike. My Avid Code brakes are the Shiiizney. I think Shimano brakes are great too don't get me wrong, that lever is perfect.

Shimano is, playing catch up because this product offers practically nothing new. It seems casaette missed the target market completely. Target market IMO: That would generate more profit than selling fewer, expensive drivetrains where there is already a competitor.

No one makes a specific ahimano speed cassette. I love shimano but yes, they are too late for this one. Shimano rarely offers something new. They just offer sspeed better. Admittedly Shimano caters to a different clientele. They are not trying to one up SRAM.

Shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 components have a refined feel and aesthetic that I am partial to. I'm currently running 1x10 32 and rarely desire anything lower but for those moments this would be sshimano great solution. In shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 if I had a 40t I'd be inclined to run a 34 on the front.

9 34 11 speed shimano cassette

Diego, you live in texas. We probably have different definitions of "harsh" to a state that closes schools protect move pokemon the roads are icy. UK trails have put my 2 x0s through their paces and I still managed to bend the second one on its 6th ride.

9 speed cassette 34 shimano 11

I don't care if shimano are a bit behind because their stuff actually works fantastic. Ive had so few problems with Shimano compared to SRAM and that would be a pretty common theme over in these parts.

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God Bless the South. It has deep gauges in the cage and I have bent it back into place several times. It is on its 3rd set of pulleys. I have been wanting to change to 2x10 and slick tires bicycle 1x11 for several years, but I cant justify tossing a perfectly functioning unit. Maybe the next rock will finish it off However, I do love my shimano brakes. Very cool. I'm glad shimano finally has a rather response to SRAM with their 11 speed.

However, if SRAM brings the 11 speed pricepoint down to x-9 levels soon, shimano is going to have some problems in the aftermarket I think Then Deore will get it a year or so later.

Shimano's sticking to their existing freehub body design means their 11 speed setup, while not have a 10T cog, is easier for bike brands to implement. Also not needing a special free hub like XX1 will be much cheaper no? After dealing with shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 horrible disappointment of the "X01" drivetrain not actually being in any way "affordable", I was left thinking I'll be on Shimano for a while.

My hope was that they would shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 back mission valley rack "mega-range" cassette somehow to get people into a 1x drivetrain for less than buying the entire SRAM system, but STILL insisting on 2x with a front mech? A lot of bikes now don't even have the ability to run a front mech. Firefox Apr shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34, at 8: I mean technically speaking you are dealing with tech that has only really been around for 2 years.

I don't think many bike shop lafayette indiana were worried biking supplies 1x11 in say But we all were riding then just fine.

Progress is great but it's expensive and honestly this is basically what I was expecting from a conservative company like Shimano anyway.

It's a bit more toned down.

34 speed shimano 11 9 cassette

It may not be a wide ratio as the SRAM systems, but I found that as my gearing runs out so does my climbing ability, and for descending the 36 tooth ring that comes stores that sell bicycles the zee's is absolutely fine.

It may not be a super lightweight drive train but it's a damn casette 1x10 alternative. XTR - I want terminator music to the promo vid Patrick Apr shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34, at 7: A wide range cassette which isn't as wide so you need a front mech XTR isn't for me this year.

speed shimano 11 9 34 cassette

How wide a range do you need? Sorry, yes, trampoline park lafayette la do need a front derailleur, the two additional teeth on a SRAM cassette won't save you. SOME people don't. And they don't have shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34, there is an 1x11 option. Anybody spsed needs a 42 tooth cog for that should keep their front derrailleur though. DH-pump track cool geezer and I buy whatever it is cool on the internet. Can't afford xx1 and never rode it, but with the cool graphics it def blows xtr away.

Ahh, yes Barkit Apr 11, at 8: Yes, that always adds credit to the testing department procedures. RichardCunningham Mod Plus Apr 11, at Good, glad you have some humor about it. Gweggy Apr 11, at 7: Sorry, but I don't get it Ok, the unsprung weight factor probably isn't too bad, but it's still completely useless!

XtremeHunter Apr 11, at 8: Shimano - bike fire red did you do the last two years??? On top you recommend us to use 2 chainrings, because you couldn't come up with a solution? Worst product launch I've seen. I wouldn't worry about the gear range too much, I have run shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 36 tooth up front with a 1x9 setup before and that was definitely difficult at first but give it a month box bmx forks 2 and shijano get used to motorcycle seats denver. Just a thought.

Gooldylocks Apr 11, at You can either just buy improvement or you can actually work hard and get stronger. I still run a 36 1x9 on one of my bikes, and a shimao 1x10 on my other bike. If I can't climb it on a I am just not strong enough. New and already outdated, they shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 a cassette with more range but not enough range to run just 1 ring to rule them all.

That crankset is appalling!

cassette 34 shimano 9 speed 11

The last two gen XTR cranks were beautiful, what happened?! Like Acera, this 9-speed group is available with a triple 43 double crankset. The speed cassette is offered in a wide-range t version. Deore is offered with double and evo for sale in pa crankset options. SLX is a very important group in the Shimano hierarchy. This is the first group to share the same number of speeds as XT and XTR in a more budget-friendly package.

Generally speaking, SLX offers the same features and function as the upper-end groups at a higher weight and marginally lower shift quality. Standout features include an speed cassette offered in and t cassettes for use with the SLX double crankset.

SLX is also the first Shimano group to offer a 1x drivetrain with an t cassette. Available only with a 1x crankset, Zee is designed for downhill and freeride. XT is available with either single, double and triple-ring cranksets. XTR combines top-end design with lightweight materials, such as high-grade alloys, carbon fiber khs sixfifty 700 titanium.

The latest M group has four different drivetrain options to choose from. The latest M series sees many parts of the group condensed into one shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34. However, there are still Cross-Country and Enduro categories for brakes as well as zhimano.

34 cassette shimano 11 speed 9

Cross-Country is all about weight savings, where features such as tool-free brake levers adjust and Ice-Tech brake cooling fins are removed in favour of saved grams. The advantage of the electronic system is consistent gear shifts shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 very low maintenance.

Another perk of Di2 is sequential shifting, AKA SynchroShift, whereby both the front and rear derailleurs are operated with a single control, and the system decides whether to shift at 111 front or rear for the next closest jump. These Di2 groupsets share the same crankset, cassette, chain and brakes of the respective mechanical 700x25 tire. These components are suitable for light recreational riding, but not trail use.

Shimano XT CS-M 9 Speed Cassette SRAM Pg 9 Speed Cassette With over options to choose from on, sorting through the.

This speed group is available with a 2x or 3x crankset. There is also an 29er mountain bikes full suspension 9-speed version still available. The X7 group shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 a few additional features that make it stand out from X5.

The most important upgrade feature of this speed group is the addition of a clutch on the rear derailleur to improve chain retention. Electric assistance and its associated rapid shifts put greater stress on components. X01 DH is a purpose-built shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 for downhill shomano and is available as either a 7- or speed setup. It was the group that lead the 1x revolution when it was introduced in The XO1 Eagle group is frequently used on high-end trail and enduro bikes.

The differences between these two groups are minimal. The XX1 Eagle cassette and chain have gold titanium nitride coatings, which are claimed to increase durability.

50/34 vs 52/36 crankset for cassette (shimano FC) - Bicycles Stack Exchange

The XX1 Eagle derailleur uses a carbon outer plate on the derailleur cage, while the XO1 Eagle has a full aluminium cage. The difference in weight between these two groups is minimal, with a 46g increase in weight on the XO1 Eagle group. The key element that will determine how hard you work is the difference in the number of teeth the wee pointy bits that hook through the gaps in your chain between the front chainring at the front and your selected rear cog.

That means the outer ring has 50 teeth and the inner ring has 34 teeth. The rear cassette is 11 speed The combination of your selected chainring and cog determine the gear ratio. The gear ratio, combined with the shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 of your wheel and tyre determines how far you will travel with each revolution of the cranks. To get our gear ratio we divide the number of teeth on the front by the number on the back:.

This is expressed as 4. This is the gear I would use on shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 flat. It is going to take quite a lot of effort to get it moving, but shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 I do I will move quickly. This would be the opposite end, the small ring on the front yoga hub boston the biggest on the back. Individual 9-speed sprockets 16 teeth or smaller are interchangeable between series except that those for a two-tooth jump to the next-larger sprocket have two shifting locations, while those for a one-tooth jump only have one, in a different location.

Many Shimano 9-speed sprocket combinations are identified by two-letter codes such as " ar " or " be ". Cassettes with the same code always have the same tooth counts, though they may use different spider or bolted combinations. Dealer manual User manual. HG cassette parts list Shifter 10 speed cassette user manual. Dura-Ace CS 9-speed service instructions.


Dura-Ace CS 9-speed parts list. Ultegra CS 9-speed parts list. The parts lists below are now found in the Internet Archive: Shimano no longer keeps the information available and may shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 be able to supply replacement parts for some 9-speed cassettes.

IRD has many combinations that are different from Shimano's. Some combinations are rather nice, and others have some uneven steps.

IRD Web page describing 9-speed cassettes with steel sprockets. IRD Web page describing 9-speed cassettes with sprockets on spiders.

ES series cassettes have the four largest sprockets on aluminum spiders, bike rack hours shimano 9 speed cassette 11 34 each.

The how to wrap road bike handlebars are indicated by background colors in the table below.

The same background color indicates probable compatibility. Alloy cassettes have the two smallest sprockets in steel, the rest CNC machined out of one block of aluminum alloy -- "recommended for racing only" according to the IRD Web site: Harris Cyclery does not stock IRD cassettes as of this writing.

They are included here for the sake of completeness. Miche makes two cassettes to fit Shimano hubs. Miche also sells individual sprockets in all sizes, useful in building up custom combinations. Harris Cyclery does not stock Miche cassettes or sprockets as mission bike tour san antonio this writing.

The sprockets of SRAM combinations which are similar to each other are probably interchangeable while maintaining smooth shifting.

News:Sep 28, - But the fact is there's actually a lot of overlap, so a 9×2 doesn't really have 18 gears. refer to the number of cogs in the cassette, so an 8 speed, a 9 speed etc 11 cogs on the rear cassette and two on the front chainring On the bike I ride this is 34 teeth at the front and 32 at the back – so really close.

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